The History of Conceptual Math Media

Highlights From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 1997 in Minneapolis

Mary Kay Beavers makes an Equate presentation to a group of teachers at the Conceptual Math Media, Inc. booth.
Teresa Chaney of Fort Worth, TX purchases a game from Mary Kay and expresses interest in her attending an inservice institute to help 2-5 grade teachers get comfortable with Equate.
Carl Carlson of Moorhead, MN purchases Equate for his grandson Ryan from Mary Kay's brother, Charles Beavers.
Joellen Joy, a math teacher at Thomas Kelly High School in Chicago, IL, purchases Equate to help her pre-algebra students with their fractions.
Barbara "Barb" Licari, the Director of the Title 1 program at Mandan Public Schools in Mandan, ND, purchases Equate from Charles Beavers. After going to Mary Kay's talk, A Meaningful Early Experience With Fractions, she sees how to introduce the game to 3rd and 4th graders.
Jan Ford, Charles Beavers, and Mary Kay Beavers host the Conceptual Math Media, Inc. booth. Jan is a math instructor at Cuaymaca College, a community college near San Diego, CA.

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