Award Winning Equate Fifth Play

Adjacent strings of tiles on the board may form numbers or numerical expressions, as well as true equations; however, no score is earned for numbers or numerical expressions formed. This makes it possible for a player to make an equation using only tiles from the player's own hand. For example, the fifth player creates the horizontal equation = + 1 and connects this equation to the previously played tiles by positioning the number 1 above the number 2, forming the number 12 vertically. This is a valid play because at least one of the tiles in the equation is adjacent to a previously played tile and the adjacent string that is not in the equation forms the number 12.

Fifth Play

In the equation = +1, the number is located on a 3S premium board position that yields 3 times the symbol score and the addition symbol is positioned on a 2S premium board position that awards 2 times the symbol score. The player receives no score for forming the number 12. The score for the fifth play is 30 points (21 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 1 = 30). The player draws four new tiles to replace those played.

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