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Accolades for Conceptual Bingo

An upper elementary teacher in California writes, "Wow! I really like the six calling options. It allows me to use one game to cover many topics. Im impressed that the option strands have been very will thought out. Thanks.

A 4th grade teacher in Texas says, "I can use the Integer Bingo because the first two calling options are what we study. I might even try to push my students to the 3rd option strand when they are ready.

A K-8 program director in Illinois writes, I like these Conceptual Bingos for my 2nd 8th grade classrooms because they cover concepts and language, not just computation. Our students are tested on this. One game can be used to hone in on one topic or provide a review of several topics. Thanks for these wonderful bingos."

A junior-high algebra teacher in Virginia says, I need all four of these Conceptual Bingos, even the whole number one, because the questions cover language and translations. My students dont know this so they have trouble setting up word problems.


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