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Conceptual Bingo™
What a fun and creative way to learn math. Six questions on each calling card allow for different learning levels and multiple topic coverage. The questions cover concepts, language, and computation. Each game includes:

  • 36 unique playing cards
  • Over 50 calling cards
  • 360 plastic markers

Also contains two reproducible masters to help teachers assess the students and customize the game. Several versions available.

03101 What Time Is It? Ages 6 years to adult
03201 Whole Numbers Ages 6 years to adult
03251 Money - Dollars and Cents Ages 6 years to adult

03280 Early Fractions: Halves-Fourths-Thirds

Ages 8 years to adult
03301 Fractions Ages 9 years to adult
03401 Decimals Ages 9 years to adult
03501 Convert: Fraction-Decimal-Percent Ages 10 years to adult
03601 Integers Ages 11 years to adult
03701 Rational Numbers: Algebra Focus Ages 12 years to adult
13420 Polynomials Ages 12 years to adult
03801 Square Roots & Quadratic Equations Ages 12 years to adult
  $20 each


For questions or comments, please send e-mail to info@conceptualmathmedia.com or call (888) 433-2224 or (916) 435-2810. Equate and PrimePak are registered trademarks of Conceptual Math Media, Inc.
 Copyright © 1996-2004 Conceptual Math Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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