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Conceptual Bingo - Fractions

What a fun and creative way to learn math! Six questions on each calling card cover naming fractions, counting by fractions, adding and subtracting with like denominators, simplifying fractions, mixed number and improper fraction conversion, rate, ratio, multiplication, division, adding with unlike denominators, averaging, and language. The playing cards contain selected fractions from 0 to 200. Each game includes 36 unique playing cards, 56 calling cards, 360 plastic markers, and two reproducible masters to help assess and customize. Ages 9 to adult.
Six Calling Options  
Option Strands Calling Card Sample
Naming fractions Four fifths
Counting, simple adding & subtraction
Simplifying fractions Simplify:
Setting up fractions, fraction bar as division & language Separate 16 into 20 equal parts. What is the size of each part?
Multiplying, dividing, missing number in a multiplication statement & language
Adding & subtracting including unlike denominators, missing number in an addition statement & averaging
Over 50 Calling Cards
Including selected fractions from 0 to 200


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