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Conceptual Bingo - Integers

Six calling options make this math bingo game a great bargain! The caller chooses one of six options for calling a value. The options maximize flexibility by covering numerous topics such as naming integers, interpreting integers, absolute value and opposite of integers, adding integers, subtracting integers, and multiplying and dividing integers. Each game includes 36 playing cards, 360 plastic markers and 61 calling cards. Also contains two reproducible masters to help teachers assess students and customize the game. Ages 11 years to adult.
Six Calling Options  
Option Strands Calling Card Sample
Naming integers Negative nine
Interpreting integers Your bank balance decreased by $9
Distance from 0 on the number line, absolute value, opposites & comparing The opposite of 9
Adding & language -1 + (-8)
Subtracting, distance between two integers & language 13 minus 22
Multiplying, dividing, missing number in a multiplication statement & language 27 divided by -3
Over 60 Calling Cards
Including selected integers from -100 to 100


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