The History of Conceptual Math Media
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Math Conferences

In April 1996, when Equate was still in the graphic design stage, Chuck and Mary Kay showed prototypes at the California Math Council for Community Colleges  Recreational Conference at South Lake Tahoe, CA.
The first Equate games were sold at the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) Conference in Long Beach, CA in November 1996. Mary Kay's niece, Stephanie, and her department chair, Keith, helped work the booth.
Teachers at an NCTM Regional Math Conference are intrigued by the Equate game in 1997, not long after its initial release.
Jan Ford, a community college teacher in the San Diego area, helped Mary Kay with the booth at the Greater San Diego Math Council Conference in early 1998.
Shoko Brant, community college teacher in Maryland presents an Equate game as a door prize at a middle school math conference.
Mary Kay gave a five-day workshop for K-5 teachers in Fort Worth, TX on a "Meaningful Early Experience with Fractions." Equate was used as an enrichment activity.

April 23-25, 1998 - Highlights of the EDSA 1998 Convention in St. Louis, MO.

April 2-4, 1998 - Highlights from the NCTM 1998 Convention in Washington, D.C.

April 17-20, 1997 - Highlights from the NCTM 1997 Convention in Minneapolis



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