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Accolades for Equate

An 11-year-old boy from the UK writes, "I am 11 years old and this game is fab!"

A father from Wisconsin writes,
"We played it with our 9 year old who loves math and it was a great hit with us all!"

A mother from Boulder, CO writes,
“Our 8-year-old son has made great strides in math in the month since we got this Equate game. He'd actually prefer to play this than watch movies! Way to go!”

A sixth grade teacher in California says,
“I’m the only sixth grade teacher in my school that uses Equate. Since I started using Equate, I get thank you notes from the seventh grade teachers for they say my students stand out above the others in number sense and algebraic reasoning. Thank you for creating such a powerful teaching tool.”

A teacher from New Jersey writes, “As a math teacher for grades 4 – 8, I find Equate to be an excellent teaching tool.”

A middle school teacher from Texas says, "This is a great game. We played it in my 7th grade classes last year and my scores went up 20%."

A math educational specialist from Massachusetts writes, "I like that the game requires one to choose from many options. A great exercise for developing minds."

An elementary teacher from California writes, “Well thought out; intriguing, fun play.”

A mother from Arizona writes, “Good teaching tool of fractions for my 12-year-old daughter.”

A mother from Pennsylvania writes, “My son (who we homeschool) is finally challenged. :-)”

A father from Maryland writes, “Great game. Our family of 4 (ages 10 thru 46) played Christmas Day.”

Parents from the state of Washington write, "We are amazed that our 10-year-old could stay focused so long. We all love it - ages 50, 40, 16, 12, & 10. Thanks for a great family game. Note: We are daily Scrabble players."

Parents from Tennessee write, "We like the game. Very challenging. We gave this game to our son for his 9th birthday. It has quickly, within a month, become one of his favorite games. We're looking forward to getting the advanced tiles in 6-12 months."

Sisters from Texas and Arizona say, “We like to keep an Equate game going all the time. We play via e-mail using Equate Master. Thank you for creating such a wonderful game.”

Parents from Oregon write, "We enjoy playing with our daughter who is 10. I should also say Equate is one of her favorite games."

A mother from Arizona writes, "I love it! My gifted 7-year-old boy and I play all the time."

A mother from Massachusetts writes, "I love it. I can play alone or with my 6 & 11 year olds as well as with other adults."

A father from California writes, "Much like Scrabble isn't it? But I love it. So does my 7-year-old son."

A mother from Ontario, CANADA writes, "My 8 & 10 year olds really enjoy it.”

An elementary teacher from Georgia writes, "Grades 3-4-5 advanced math classes loved it. They want to buy it for themselves! :-) It’s hard to impress gifted children. You managed with Equate.”

A parent from Minnesota writes, "My kids love it!”

A mother from Los Angeles writes, "My son and I became totally engaged in the game.”

A mother from Oregon writes, "Great learning tool for my 6 year old.”

A customer from New York writes, “I love games that make you think.”

A teacher from Massachusetts writes, “We just played in my class today. It’s great.”

A high school teacher from Hawaii writes, “Good order-of-operation game.”

A father from North Carolina writes, “My son’s favorite Christmas present!”

A home-schooling mother from California writes, “You know it’s good when the child continues to ask for it!”

A 5-year-old gifted boy after being engaged in playing Equate for TWO HOURS at a Parent/Teacher store inventor demonstration in northern California says, “Thank you so much for creating a toy that I can enjoy.”

A K-5 Math Coach from a Title I school in Los Angeles says, “I love my Equate Notebooks. This was the best investment I’ve ever made. I have both Levels 2 and 3.”


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