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Alternate Rules for Beginners
The game can be simplified by ensuring that players always have a balanced hand of numbers and operations. This can be accomplished by separating the draw pile into two separate piles; a number pile and an operation pile. A player may draw from either pile to obtain a hand of nine tiles. A suggested balance of symbols for a player is two or three operation tiles and the rest number tiles. Use this procedure for each of the following three stages.

Stage One

This game is recommended for children ages 8 to 9 or for players that do not understand fractions, do not understand the operation of division, or may not be ready to form equations vertically.

The basic objective and scoring is the same as the game Equate; however, take out all of the division tiles and all of the fraction tiles. Players draw from two separate piles: a number pile and an operation pile. Each player, including the first player, makes his/her own separate equation horizontally anywhere on the board. There is no vertical play. Playing on an existing equation is not allowed, and no two equations can have adjacent tiles.

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Stage Two

This game is recommended for children ages 10 to 11 or for players that are ready to begin learning about division and fractions, and are comfortable enough with place value that playing vertically will not be confusing.

Take out six division tiles and the fraction tiles that have denominators of 3 or 6. The only fractions kept in this game are the halves and fourths. There will be only five division tiles, instead of eleven. Players draw from two separate piles: a number pile and an operation pile. Beginning in the center of the board, players form equations horizontally and vertically as in the game Equate.

Stage Three

The rules here are exactly like Equate except that the numbers and operations are in two different piles. For a balanced hand, we suggest two and three operations and the rest numbers. This game is recommended for inexperienced players who understand division and fractions. Novice players should start with this level no matter how advanced they are mathematically.


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