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"Equate has proven to be both engaging and challenging for all players involved in the game, no matter what level of math skills they have. Our first game was played with players ranging from ages 10 to adult. Everyone became very serious, as they thought out their next move. It was quite intense, but also enjoyed. I was amazed yet impressed, to see how serious it was taken from the first moment play began."

Games Magazine

GAMES Magazine
Top 100 Games 1999!

"Equate is a truly educational game (eek!), but it's a lot of fun anyway... With certain tiles eliminated, Equate becomes a painless, indeed enjoyable, math tutor for children. My wife, a retired elementary-school math teacher, recommends it for fourth grade and up, and I recommend it not only for grown-up mathophiles but also for mathophobes and other innumerates."

Burt Hochberg, GAMES Magazine

Dr. Toy

Dr. Toy
(from the Institute for Childhood Resources)

10 Best Games 1998!

100 Best Children's Products 1998!

"Children need more math experiences. This innovative product helps combat this serious deficit... Designed by an educator who saw the need for developing more interesting math products, Equate is not about speed but about thinking. A fun way to test your child's ability to understand math and utilize algebraic reasoning."

Stevanne Auerbach, Phd., Dr. Toy

Equate rated 3 stars!
"...essentially a math version of Scrabble, ideal for lovers of math or Scrabble or both..."
Mick LaSalle
San Francisco

Parent's Choice Recommended
"...above our approval rating..."

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