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Equate Activity Notebooks
Reproducible Equation-Building Activities

Level 1 - Grades 1 and Up
Level 2 - Grades 3 and Up
Level 3 - Grades 6 and Up

Equate Boardless Activities

Equate hands are laid out on an 8.5" by 11" page. The teacher makes copies and cuts out the strips of paper tiles. Each student is given a strip and they tear or cut apart their hand. The students work individually or in groups to list as many equations as they can with the corresponding scores. The objective is to strive for both high total scores as well as individual high-scoring equations. The scores are obtained by adding the individual scores on the tiles. The scores are located in the lower right-hand corner of the tile. The tiles that are harder to play with are worth more points so this motivates the students to learn how to play with the more difficult tiles. Each notebook contains 20 different hands (25 in Level 1) and a template for making your own hands. It also has 20 possible equations and scores for each hand given.

Equate Puzzles

The Equate Puzzles offer an increased thinking challenge the students will try to take advantage of premium board positions with the constraint of having to us a tile that is already in the strip. Three puzzles are laid out on an 8.5" by 11" page and a hand is given. Instructions (not shown here) are included on each sheet. The students strive to create an equation for each puzzle that has a high score. In the first puzzle shown here, if they get the division tile on the 3S position it will give them 15 points rather than just 5 points. In the other two puzzles, they use the same hand. The 2S position awards 2 times the symbol score and the 2E position awards 2 times the whole equation score. Each notebook contains 10 pages of puzzle sets with a hand. Also includes two puzzle templates and three possible equations and scores for each puzzle strip.

Equate Board Situations

The Equate board design is laid out on 8.5" by 11" pages; the full board in Levels 2 & 3 and a reduced board for Level 1. Only a portion of a full lay out is shown here. Each situation has one or more plays already on the paper board and a hand is given. The hand is not shown here. Students compete to see who can create the highest scoring equation. Levels 2 & 3 include 15 situations with hands. Level 1 has fewer situations to allow for some whole number & early fraction activities that include matching & counting. Board and tile templates also available for creating your own situations and hands.

Also contains...
Equate Color Transparency
This transparency of the full Equate board allows one to conduct a game or activity with a group. Teachers write on the transparency with a pen. Squares are too small for tiles.

Equate Demo Transparency
A mini Equate board is laid out on a transparency. Helps to explain how to play and score Equate. Includes uncut transparency demo tiles and instructions. Black & gray only.

Worksheets & Drills
At least 10 pages of worksheets & drills to help build the math skills needed to play Equate. Explanations included on some. Level 1 Notebook also contains special early fraction activities.


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