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You can now play EQUATE via e-mail with other EQUATE enthusiasts around the world. Nathaniel Hekman has created Equate-Master, an electronic Grand-Master, or Proctor, for EQUATE (Nathaniel is also the developer of Scrabble-Master for Scrabble players). It allows any number of players to play a distributed game of Equate via e-mail, by acting as an independent third party whose role is simply to hand out tiles as needed.

For complete information about how it works, visit the Equate-Master web site.

Player Registry

The following registry contains the names of people interested in playing EQUATE via e-mail. E-mail someone on the list and challenge them to a game. Enter your name in the Player Registry so others can find you.

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To make changes to your listing in the Players Registry or to delete your name entirely, please send an e-mail message to info@playequate.com

How To Determine Your Ability Level

The following is a general guideline of how to rate your own ability level.

Beginner Level
  • Your equations are usually 3 to 6 tiles long.
  • You have trouble playing with the fractions.
  • Your play is usually worth less than 40 points

Intermediate Level

  • Your equations are usually more than 6 tiles long.
  • You have trouble making lengthy equations that contain fractions.
  • Your play is usually worth more than 40 points.

Advanced Level

  • You sometimes use all your tiles in one turn.
  • You're comfortable with fractions and with the rules for the order to operate.
  • Your play is often worth more than 100 points.

For questions or comments, please send e-mail to info@conceptualmathmedia.com or call (888) 433-2224 or (916) 435-2810. Equate and PrimePak are registered trademarks of Conceptual Math Media, Inc.
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