The History of Conceptual Math Media
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Conceptual Math Media, Inc.

Highlights from Math Conferences attended by Conceptual Math Media, Inc.

Arthiss Kliever and Barbara Hintze MillerSisters Arthiss Kliever (Dallas) and Barbara Hintze Miller (Phoenix) are Equate's biggest fans. They enjoyed the game so much they convinced Nathaniel Hekman to create Equate-Master so they could play via e-mail. They're also two of the very best Equate players ever! They have an Equate game going almost continuously. They look nice, but if you challenge them to a game, watch out - they'll clobber you.

April 18, 1997
Chuck celebrates after conquering Mary Kay in a game of Equate at the Hilton in Minneapolis. She's smiling here, but Mary Kay doesn't like to lose at her own game.

January 17, 1997
The newly formed Board of Directors of Conceptual Math Media, Inc. (Mary Kay and her brother Chuck) are shown here relaxing at the Krazy Korner on Bourbon Street In New Orleans after promoting Equate at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Regional Conference. Entertainment was provided by Rooster and the Chicken Hawks.

This candid photograph was taken by independent photographer Joseph Black III "Camera Joe" (504) 254-1957.

January 9, 1997
Here's Mary Kay hamming it up for the Web Cam at the MacWorld Adobe booth.


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