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Accolades for PrimePak

A mother from southern California writes, "This is an awesome game. I play with my daughter, age 10, who is not terribly solid on her multiplication and division. Well ... she has told her friends and now the group is growing. It is incredible how quickly their confidence and ability has grown in just a few games. This is a very clever game. You guys are terrific. ..."

A community college student says, "I like this game. It really makes you think. Boy if I had played this as a child I would be much further along in my math now. I get so excited playing the solitaire game. I've never won yet but I come close."

A middle school math teacher from Texas says, "This is a great game. I tried to create some cards like this for my students but I never could get the right mix of numbers. I also love the deck levels. I didn't think of that. Congratulations!"

A high school math teacher from California says, "Wow! You did it. I'm very impressed. I tried to develop a game like this and could never get it to work. Can you create us an algebra version with variables?”

A 5th grade teacher in Texas says, “My students beg to play PrimePak on the overhead. I lay up a foundation and they get really engaged to figure out what to do and I am free to take care of things.”

A high school teacher in Minnesota who also runs summer game camps for elementary students says, “I’m very impressed with PrimePak and how it forces students to recognize the power of prime factorization and why factoring is so important in both arithmetic and algebra.”


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