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Mathematical Educational Benefits

  • Master multiplication facts and never forget them.
  • Learn the relationship between multiplication and division.
  • Learn to think of numbers in factored form.
  • Master divisibility rules.
  • Learn to recognize prime numbers from 2 to 19.
  • Learn the significance of prime numbers.
  • Practice mental division by a one-digit number.
  • Utilize the idea of an unknown quantity when using the prime wild card as any prime number.

Thinking Educational Benefits

  • Practice critical thinking, strategically thinking, spatial reasoning, and algebraic reasoning.

General Educational Benefits

  • Experience having fun with math ... improving math skills in a social setting.
  • Help to bring the family into the learning process.
  • A tool for group activity that promotes dialogue about mathematics.
  • Encourage healthy competition.
  • Give elementary teachers a tool for teaching a very important topic.

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