The History of Conceptual Math Media
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School Use

There are many ways to use EQUATE and PRIMEPAK in the school. 

EQUATE and PrimePak Team Play

Prime Challenge can be played in teams using the PrimePak Transparency Deck.

EQUATE is a great game for team play. Divide a group of any number into two to four teams. Team members work together to create brilliant plays. More advanced players teach less advanced players not only how to play the game but also relevant math skills.

One way to manage team play is to set up a game to continue over several hours or days. Team members study the board in small groups plotting their next play.

To facilitate a large group playing a game at the same time, Conceptual Math Media has developed an EQUATE Transparency that allows the equations to be recorded on the overhead as the game progresses. Captains help facilitate this activity.

Classroom Use

After the students have learned to play, pass out an EQUATE game for each four to six players. The small groups play in pairs or individually. Arrange the students in a semi-circle facing the front or sides of the board. EQUATE Class Sets are available that include 6 boards and 6 tile sets.

If a class has only one EQUATE game, then the class can have an activity time where students that are not playing EQUATE are engaged in other activities. The different activities can be rotated throughout the year.

If the school has a Math Lab or Activity Lab, students can be required to play EQUATE in the lab a specified amount of hours throughout the term. A time card can be used to track the time.

Conceptual Math Media has also developed a series of EQUATE Boardless Activities where all students are given the same EQUATE hand in strips of paper tiles that they tear apart themselves. Using only these symbols, individuals or groups list as many different equations as they can and the corresponding scores. Players are aiming for a high total score as well as individual high-scoring equations. An inclusive, engaging activity. No one finishes early!

School/Family Connection

Attention teachers!! Introduce EQUATE and PrimePak to the parents of your students at a school Family Night. Recommend that they purchase a game and play at home. In fact, you can require that they play a specified amount of time each month and have the parent sign a time card verifying the time played.

EQUATE/PrimePak Club

Start an EQUATE/PrimePak Club or include EQUATE and PrimePak in your already existing Math Club. This encourages players to become better at the game and gives the experts some challenging competition.

Tournament Play

Have a tournament that is advertised well in advance to motivate students to practice with friends and family. The competition can be between individuals or teams.

Conceptual Math Media has developed EQUATE Board Situations that are great for contests. The board design and some sample play is laid out on paper and a hand is given. Participants make only one play. Highest score wins.


For questions or comments, please send e-mail to or call (888) 433-2224 or (916) 435-2810. Equate and PrimePak are registered trademarks of Conceptual Math Media, Inc.
 Copyright 1996-2004 Conceptual Math Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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